The document titled “The Differences between a Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal” provides a comprehensive overview of the roles, rights, and regulations associated with service animals and emotional support animals, specifically addressing the context of RV Parks and Campgrounds. It explains that service animals, defined under the ADA, are dogs or miniature horses trained to perform specific tasks for people with disabilities and are allowed in all public areas where customers can go. On the other hand, emotional support animals (ESAs), which do not require special training, do not enjoy the same broad rights and are only recognized under specific housing and airline travel regulations. The document also distinguishes therapy dogs, which provide comfort in various settings but do not have public access rights like service animals. It is crucial for RV park operators to understand these distinctions to ensure compliance with ADA regulations and avoid discrimination while managing their facilities effectively.

Keywords: Service animals, emotional support animals, therapy dogs, ADA, RV parks, public access rights, training requirements, emotional support, task performance, disability assistance.

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