The “2024 Media Kit” for the Florida RV Park & Campground Association offers detailed advertising opportunities targeting the Florida RV and camping visitor market. Celebrating over 50 years of reaching this audience, the kit provides statistics on the market’s scope, including an annual spending of over $5 billion by approximately 6 million campers. It outlines advertising options in both print and digital formats, such as the CampFlorida Directory which boasts a circulation of 300,000 copies annually, reaching an audience of 700,000. Advertising packages vary, including web and print combos, and focus on maximizing exposure at various RV shows, online platforms, and visitor centers, ensuring a broad reach within domestic and international markets.

Keywords: Media Kit, Florida RV Parks, CampFlorida Directory, advertising opportunities, visitor market, print advertising, digital advertising, tourism statistics, RV camping, market reach.

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