The document “Q&A Service Animals FL and AL” provides detailed information on the requirements and regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding the allowance of service animals in businesses, specifically targeting RV parks and campgrounds in Florida and Alabama. It clarifies that service animals, defined as dogs or miniature horses trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities, must be allowed in all public areas where customers can go. The document emphasizes that emotional support animals do not qualify under the ADA as they are not trained for specific tasks. It outlines permissible questions a business can ask to verify a service animal and discusses the behavior expected of service animals in public settings. Additionally, it addresses common concerns such as multiple service animals, the responsibility for the animal’s care, and circumstances under which a service animal can be excluded from the premises.

Keywords: ADA, service animals, Florida, Alabama, RV parks, campgrounds, disability rights, public access, emotional support animals, animal behavior.

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