Advancing the Future of Alabama's Outdoor Hospitality Sector

The Alabama RV Park & Campground Association (ARVCA) is dedicated to advocating vigorously for the interests of Alabama’s RV parks and campground sector. We actively represent our members, ensuring a business environment conducive to the growth and sustainability of the industry. By building strong legislative partnerships and alliances, ARVCA works to protect our community’s interests, promoting policies that improve the outdoor hospitality landscape. This committed advocacy helps our members navigate regulatory challenges and influence policy changes that directly benefit their operations and profitability.


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Our Advocacy Team

Meet the Experts Behind Our Success

Kim Adams
ARVCA Lobbyist and Government Affairs Advisor
Kim Adams

This seasoned professional leads our advocacy efforts, ensuring that the legal and legislative landscape favors our industry.

Legislative Priorities

Advocacy for Industry Growth

FRVCA is vigilant in monitoring thousands of legislative proposals annually, ensuring that no harmful legislation passes that could negatively impact your business. Our advocacy focuses on:

Lower Taxes and Business-Friendly Policies:
Advocating for reduced taxes and creating an environment conducive to business growth.

Minimized Regulatory Burdens:
Working towards less burdensome regulations that allow business owners more freedom and flexibility.

Legislative Victories

Our Success Stories in Florida

AL SB 308 – Sales Tax Legislation:
Caps sales tax on RV sites to a 3-month stay and eliminates sales tax for stays longer than 3 months.

AL HB 456 & HB 555:
Strengthens owners' rights to eject guests for misconduct, with law enforcement support.

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