The document “Maintaining Transient Occupancy Status in an RV Park” discusses the regulations under Florida Statute Chapter 513 regarding transient and non-transient occupancy in RV parks. It clarifies that occupancy is determined by how long a guest stays in the recreational vehicle rather than how long the vehicle is on site. To maintain transient status, a guest must be registered for six months or less; longer stays imply a non-transient status, which changes the applicable eviction procedures. The document also mentions that attaching structures to the recreational vehicle does not change its transient nature. Additionally, it provides strategies for RV park operators to maintain guests’ transient status, such as requiring guests to vacate the park for more than 24 hours after a six-month stay to reset their occupancy status. This ensures the park can manage long-term stays without reclassifying the occupancy type, crucial for regulatory and operational compliance.

Keywords: Florida Statute Chapter 513, RV parks, transient occupancy, non-transient occupancy, recreational vehicles, occupancy regulations, guest registration, eviction procedures, maintaining transient status, park management strategies.

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