The document “Liens F.S. 713.77-713.78” from the Florida Statutes outlines the legal framework for liens related to mobile homes, recreational vehicles (RVs), and towing and storage services in Florida. Section 713.77 details the lien rights of owners, operators, or keepers of mobile home or RV parks. It establishes that such liens have priority over others except for unpaid purchase prices and can be enforced upon the occupant’s property for unpaid rent or advances. It also allows for the immediate ejection of occupants for nonpayment or rule violations.

Section 713.78 describes liens related to the towing and storing of vehicles and vessels. It specifies the conditions under which a business engaged in towing or storing can claim a lien for their services and outlines the procedural requirements for notifying vehicle or vessel owners and other lienholders. This section also details the process for the sale of unclaimed vehicles or vessels, how to handle disputes over such liens, and the legal protections for businesses against claims for damages during towing or storage.

Keywords: Florida Statutes, liens, mobile home parks, RV parks, towing and storage, vehicle recovery, vessel storage, lien enforcement, property ejection, owner rights.

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