The document titled “Legal Bulletin – Eviction Procedures for RV and MH Parks” outlines the legal processes and conditions under which guests may be evicted from mobile home (MH) and recreational vehicle (RV) parks as governed by Chapter 513, F.S. in Florida. It differentiates between transient and nontransient guests, specifying that transient guests (those staying less than six months) can be evicted without recourse to the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act, while nontransient guests must be evicted under this act. The bulletin clarifies the definitions of MH and RV parks, the responsibilities of park operators, and the legal documentation required for eviction. It also describes the role of law enforcement in assisting with evictions, emphasizing the importance of establishing whether a guest is transient or nontransient based on their duration of stay and intentions.

Keywords: Eviction procedures, RV parks, mobile home parks, Chapter 513, F.S., transient guests, nontransient guests, Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act, law enforcement role, park operator responsibilities, legal documentation.

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