The document “HUD 55+ Rules and Requirements” outlines the criteria for a community to qualify as “housing for older persons” under the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA). To be considered a 55+ community, at least 80% of the occupied units must have at least one resident who is 55 years of age or older. The community must demonstrate its intent to serve this demographic through consistent policies, procedures, and verification methods that comply with HUD rules. The document emphasizes that while a community can establish age limits for other residents (e.g., minimum ages of 35 or 40), they cannot evict families with children to meet the 80% requirement. It also details the verification process for residents’ ages, acceptable documents for proving age, and the requirement for periodic checks of residents’ ages every two years. Additionally, the rules account for units temporarily unoccupied due to residents being away but still considered part of the community.

Keywords: HUD 55+ rules, Housing for Older Persons Act, age verification, 80/20 rule, community policies, resident age criteria, temporary vacancies, discrimination exemptions, periodic age checks, acceptable documents.

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