The document titled “FL & AL Sub-Metering Electricity Q&A” provides detailed guidelines on how RV parks in Florida and Alabama can implement sub-metering systems for electricity usage. It outlines the rules that prohibit the resale of electricity for profit and offers a method for allocating electricity costs to individual campers based on usage. The suggested cost allocation method involves calculating an average cost per kWh from the previous month’s total utility bill and the total energy used. This rate is then posted and used to charge campers for their actual electricity usage. The document also answers common questions about handling multiple master meters, incorporating non-campsite energy uses, and dealing with sales tax on sub-metered electricity. It emphasizes the importance of checking with local utilities and consulting with an attorney before implementing a sub-metering system, reflecting a need for compliance with local regulations and accuracy in billing.

Keywords: Sub-metering, RV parks, electricity billing, Florida, Alabama, utility regulation, cost allocation, sales tax, energy usage, legal compliance.

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