The document “Eviction Requirements 513 83 Part II” outlines the legal processes and requirements for evicting guests from RV parks and campgrounds in Florida, detailing procedures under Florida Statutes Chapter 513 and Chapter 83 Part II. It differentiates between guests who have stayed less than six months, who can be evicted with relatively straightforward written notice, and those who have resided for more than six months, for whom eviction procedures align with residential tenancies under the Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. The document highlights the requirement for a written eviction notice, the scenarios that justify eviction (such as non-payment or disruption), and how landlords should handle the eviction process legally, including specifics about notices, handling tenant’s property, and legal actions post-eviction. The guidelines are designed to ensure that evictions are carried out lawfully, respecting both the rights of the property owner and the rights of the tenants.

Keywords: eviction procedures, Florida Statute Chapter 513, residential tenancies, RV parks, campground eviction, legal eviction process, tenant rights, landlord obligations, written eviction notice, property management.

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