The document “Electricity Sub-Metering Specifics” discusses guidelines and regulations regarding the billing and cost allocation of electricity for tenants under sub-metering systems, especially in contexts where master metering is used. The guidelines emphasize that tenants should be charged the same per-unit rate as the master meter customer without any markup on electricity costs. Landlords can pass on fees and taxes from the utility provider to tenants but cannot add additional charges. The document also explains the meaning of “cost” as defined in the Florida Administrative Code 25-6.049, detailing that it includes only charges authorized by the electric utility‚Äôs tariff such as energy, fuel, and other related charges but excludes late fees, the cost of billing, and other administrative costs. Additionally, it mandates that utilities must develop and file a standard policy on sub-metering that is uniform and nondiscriminatory.

Keywords: Electricity sub-metering, tenants, billing, master meter, utility charges, Florida Administrative Code, non-discriminatory policies, cost definition, utility tariffs, landlord charges.

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