For RV park and campground proprietors, capitalizing on the charm of local attractions can significantly entice visitors. By linking with nearby points of interest, you not only enrich the guest experience but also help energize the local community. This blog offers strategies for adeptly harnessing local attractions to augment the appeal and competitive edge of your Alabama-based RV park.

1. Identify Key Local Attractions

Begin by thoroughly researching all local attractions that might intrigue your guests. These can include natural landscapes, cultural sites, and special events:

  • Natural and Outdoor Attractions: State parks, lakes, hiking paths, and scenic byways.
  • Cultural Attractions: Local museums, historical landmarks, theaters, and galleries.
  • Local Events: Community fairs, markets, concerts, and regional sports.

Understanding the available attractions can position your RV park as an ideal hub for exploration and adventure.

2. Build Partnerships with Local Businesses

Forming partnerships with local businesses can yield mutual advantages. Collaborate with local tour operators, dining establishments, and event organizers to craft exclusive packages or offer discounts:

  • Collaborative Packages: Team up with local guides to provide special tours or combined experiences that guests can book directly at your park.
  • Discount Vouchers: Negotiate discounts at local eateries and shops to entice your guests to discover the area, enhancing their overall experience.

These collaborations not only improve guest satisfaction but also strengthen community ties and support local economic growth.

3. Create Themed Stays Based on Local Attractions

Develop themed stay packages aligned with local events or seasonal activities, enhancing your park’s allure at specific times:

  • Seasonal Themes: Introduce a “Cozy Autumn Retreat” with themed decorations and activities if your area is known for spectacular fall colors, or a “Summer Explorer” package during warmer months.
  • Event-Based Themes: Organize accommodations that coincide with local festivals or cultural events, offering themed amenities and detailed guides about the festivities.

4. Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Revamp your marketing tools to underscore the accessibility and proximity of these attractions. Effective marketing can significantly influence potential visitors’ perceptions:

  • Website and Social Media: Actively showcase local attractions and forthcoming events on your platforms, employing vibrant photography and compelling narratives.
  • Brochures and Guidebooks: Develop detailed guides and brochures that map out local attractions, complete with directions and recommendations. Ensure these are available both online and onsite.

5. Offer Transportation Solutions

If your park is situated away from major attractions, consider transportation options like shuttles or bike rentals:

  • Shuttle Services: Provide shuttle services to and from significant attractions, offering convenience for guests who prefer not to drive.
  • Bike Rentals: Encourage guests to explore nearby attractions by bike, promoting both eco-friendliness and physical activity.

6. Collect and Utilize Guest Feedback

Gather and analyze feedback to refine your offerings and ensure they meet guest expectations:

  • Guest Reviews: Motivate guests to post their experiences with local attractions on social platforms or your website.
  • Feedback Forms: Offer forms querying guests about their visits to attractions and requesting suggestions for enhancements.


By effectively harnessing local attractions, Alabama’s RV parks can significantly boost their appeal, offering guests enriching experiences that transcend the typical campground stay. These initiatives, which involve understanding local highlights, fostering strategic partnerships, and adeptly marketing these benefits, not only enhance your RV park’s attractiveness but also positively impact the local community and economy, benefiting everyone involved.


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